L'ElliptiGO, elliptical bike rental in Reunion.

Do you know this concept ?

The bike is available seated, lying and now standing (natural human position) as indicated by his name, the ElliptiGO is an outdoor elliptical trainer, so dynamic


Your connection-gliding accompanies you in your quest for fun leisure activities, sporty and ecological.

The absence of a saddle = comfort and freedom of movement, the driving position offers a panoramic view and allows you to be seen. We practice on cycle paths, in accompanied outings after the initiation in the forest of Etang-Salé and on the site of the volcano where the intense island unfolds all its beauty.

We also offer sailing karting on a practice area in Etang-Salé and many others.

We offer personalized photo and video editing.


Adopted by the green planet and revered by its users

Another way to exercise

The ElliptiGO enjoys a strong capital of sympathy with the public, discover this ingenious invention where elegance is combined with efficiency, now you will think of the bike differently, no more uncomfortable contacts, painful joints. Book an accompanied outing, we will do your initiation.


The SAIL RIDE TT our little gem, c'est un nouveau concept pense pour s'adapter aux débutants (es)

What a good wind brings you !

Come and tame the sailing force on a Kart sail, roll with the thrust of the wind, it's just magic!
Discover the practice of sailing kart without specific training in sailing.



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Offer a gift whose (the) bénéficiaire s'en souviendra longtemps

Dare these new concepts, with the ElliptiGO elegance is out, You will love !
Sailing kart in Reunion, Yes it's possible! The KIFFY, The GRAND-BI, do you know these machines?

Surprise your friends(es), offer the unusual!

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