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Who are we ?

Enthusiasts at your service

Who are we ?

enthusiasts, convinced, fans of fun and sporting activities, other than carried out by combustion engine vehicles.

This new concept from California revisits the bike with more efficiency, of comfort, and elegance in the movements. This ingenious machine benefits from a huge capital of sympathy, you dreamed it, we made it happen !

Ev4-Solar Bike

Only for sale on order
It is a range of electric vehicles, mechanical and solar, for travel and leisure, of European origin. About mechanics, excellence is at the rendezvous, we can only admire.


Initiation- practice area rental
Seagull is the world leader in the design and manufacture of land yachts, Jean-Phillipe Kryscher is a talented designer. Our partnership is simply the revelation of a shared passion. Harness the force of the wind to ride, it's an unusual hobby! Our models are specially equipped for all terrain. Oui, we go kart sailing in Reunion! Passengers of the wind come and experience intense moments.

Professional domain

Mechanical Construction Engineering, modeling and mechanical physics

Citizen engagement

Invest in ecotourism out of passion, change behaviors by offering fun and sporting activities other than those practiced by motor vehicles.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

Selected for the 1st show 2016 talented companies in the city of fashion, and design in Paris

Gliding feeling

Undeniable sheathing

Graceful movements

Comfortable and without impact on the joints


Go off the beaten track

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