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EV4 – Solar Bike

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A propos d’EV4

The mechanisms implemented in the design of the EV4, are rich in movement, shift, trajectory and travel. The front axle uses the so-called pendular mechanics, this system allows a short turning radius, offers more degrees of freedom, brings flexibility, comfort, thanks to a pneumatic shock absorber. The balance compensation is due to the deformation of the parallelogram, and a perfectly accomplished kinematics. Result, the sensations are the same as on a two-wheeler with additional safety against falls. Unlike a traditional system, this very elaborate mechanism for a bicycle, is ingenious and commands admiration.

AERO-SERVICE, company established in Poland in aeronautics, has been involved in the design and production of environmentally friendly wheeled vehicles for several years. The materials used and machined come from aviation with a specific assembly technique. AERO-SERVICE and EV4 France have pooled their ideas, from this pooling was born the SOLAR BIKE. It is the 1st totally autonomous solar bike whose marketing has been effective since the 01/09/2019. Finding ourselves in the values ​​and policies of our partners, ELLIPTIGO REUNION fully adhered to the project. The exclusive contract for REUNION, co-signed with Alexandre LAGRANGE, (CEO EV4 France) seals our desire to work together, to market EV4 products and to develop the SOLAR BIKE in our geographical environment. In the meeting, solar use is part of everyday life, the savings are considerable, after our solar power plants and water heaters, the solar bike is a logical part of our quest for ecological and economical transport.


“The entire EV4 France team is very proud to be a partner of ELLIPTIGO REUNION, recognized player in tourism and committed to a real ecological transition approach. The resolution of the great climate challenge we face is already well underway by companies such as ELLIPTIGO REUNION, at the forefront of innovation and energy efficiency. And when ecological innovation rhymes with sport, pleasure and sensations, we can only be conquered !

At EV4 France, we find ourselves in these values, and work in conjunction with ELLIPTIGO REUNION to offer the best possible gear, playful, efficient and reliable !

Alexandre Lagrange, President EV4 France»

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